ULOSINO closes May 25th

Since launching in November 2021, we haven't been able to make this culture better in the ways we had hoped. We want to take the time to make ULOSINO the best it can be as a set of tools to build up open source operating system culture across the world.

We have made the choice to sunset ULOSINO by May 25th. Osopcloud will replace ULOSINO in September. Thank you for using ULOSINO.


Nitrux is a Linux distribution based on Debian. It targets the general computing market. Nitrux combines a long-term release of the popular Debian operating system and the KDE ecosystem. The included NX Desktop is a customised version of KDE Plasma. A "great selection" of "carefully picked" software, including LibreOffice and "audio and media players" are preinstalled. Firewall and backup software is also included. Nitrux heavily focusses on AppImage to deliver software - although the traditional apt package manager is accessible - and is built using a new and custom cross-platform (Android and Linux) user interface framework known as MauiKit (similar to Apple Inc's AppKit). Nitrux continues to diverge from Debian by using openrc instead of systemd. A CLI-based "alternative minimal ISO image" is provided for those who want to build on this custom base.

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Based onDebian
Preinstalled DesktopPlasma
Preinstalled BrowserFirefox
Package Managerapt
Startup Manageropenrc
Version at Writing1.8.0
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