ULOSINO closes May 25th

Since launching in November 2021, we haven't been able to make this culture better in the ways we had hoped. We want to take the time to make ULOSINO the best it can be as a set of tools to build up open source operating system culture across the world.

We have made the choice to sunset ULOSINO by May 25th. Osopcloud will replace ULOSINO in September. Thank you for using ULOSINO.


Kerla is an independent operating system. Targeting the power-user and developer markets, it uses a custom monolithic kernel that aims "to be compatible with the Linux ABI" meaning that "it runs Linux binaries without any modifications." Uniquely, it is written in Rust (around 90% of the code) and uses a custom Docker-based build system. It implements Unix-like "process concepts" like context switching and signals, "commonly used system calls." Internet Protocol compatibility is included. However, Kerla doesn't yet support disks, but does allow "pseudo file systems" to be used.

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