ULOSINO closes May 25th

Since launching in November 2021, we haven't been able to make this culture better in the ways we had hoped. We want to take the time to make ULOSINO the best it can be as a set of tools to build up open source operating system culture across the world.

We have made the choice to sunset ULOSINO by May 25th. Osopcloud will replace ULOSINO in September. Thank you for using ULOSINO.

Garuda Linux

Garuda Linux is an Linux distribution based on the Arch platform. It targets the power-user and general computing markets. Garuda extends Arch by implementing multiple stability and security features like custom memory management, custom kernel scheduling, the Linux-zen modified kernel, and the "modern copy-on-write" BTRFS file system. The aim is to provide an OSs that is focussed on "performance while making it beautiful," as there are many GUI utilities, including a graphical installation - a major draw card for who prefer Arch.

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Based onArch
Preinstalled DesktopPlasma
Preinstalled BrowserFireDragon
Package Managerpacman
Startup Managersystemd
Region of OriginIndia
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