ULOSINO closes May 25th

Since launching in November 2021, we haven't been able to make this culture better in the ways we had hoped. We want to take the time to make ULOSINO the best it can be as a set of tools to build up open source operating system culture across the world.

We have made the choice to sunset ULOSINO by May 25th. Osopcloud will replace ULOSINO in September. Thank you for using ULOSINO.


Debian is a mature Linux distribution. Marketed as "The Universal Operating System," it targets the general computing market. It's considered stable, with a biannual release scheme, in addition to Long Term Support ('LTS') releases. This is actually the main reason why many distributions decend from Debian, like notable names including Ubuntu. Debian ships the Advanced Package Tool ('apt') as it's package management system. It's been a long time consumer of the GNOME desktop, including the traditional version 2. Debian is a classic example of the Linux distribution model, dating back to the start of the millennium.

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Platformsx86, arm
Preinstalled DesktopGNOME
Package Managerapt
Startup Managersystemd
Version at Writing11 Bullseye
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