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Disclaimers and Other Legal Notices

Important: ULOSINO has been discontinued.

Brand and Copyright Disclaimer

Unless otherwise disclosed, ULOSINO does not claim trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks for any brand presented on the ULOSINO web service. Brand identifiers, like (but not limited to) the name, logo, or slogan of a brand is not considered the property of the owner and operator of ULOSINO (as listed in the Copyright Notice or License), or any project collaborators and/or affiliates.

Opinion Notice

Opinions on the ULOSINO Web Service are those of an individual project Contributor only. They do not represent the opinions of their employer or contractor, or any entity engaged in recurring monetary activities with that Contributor.

Financial Advice Disclaimer and ULOSINO Tempo Notices

The donation features of the ULOSINO Web Service ("ULOSINO Tempo Features") allow the user to navigate to external third-party financial services and make donations or investments.

ULOSINO Tempo Features do not provide financial advice, nor provide any advice on the merits of any particular donation or investment. ULOSINO does not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of any information provided by any third-party. ULOSINO is not responsible for any loss or damage caused by any reliance on any information provided by any third-party, or by financial loss or damage caused by any donation or investment, or equivalent, to the extent of applicable law.

Subject to web browser compatibility, ULOSINO Tempo Features can be disabled at any time by the user using Preferences.